Saturday, December 15, 2012

She would pile stacks of books everywhere - (Pg 323)

Bride Flight by Marike van der Pol is an epic sweeping tale! It focuses on the lives of three very different women who immigrate from Denmark to New Zealand in 1953.

I was drawn in by this story and the characters. There is a lot to this book, however I do feel a little disappointed with how everything unfolds. There are strong characters here that seem to change, however in essence, everything pretty much stays the same.

It was originally written in Dutch so you can never be sure of the translation, however I doubt it would've strayed much from the original text.

My one turn off with this story, was the descent into Mills and Boon sexcapades!

It wasn't so moving that it made me cry or laugh out loud. Although it did make me thankful for what I have. Overall I was pleased to be able to finish (and balance) a 450 odd paged book whilst breastfeeding, and being wholly sleep deprived!

A film was made based on this book, I look forward to seeing how it has been interpreted.

16 Days Remaining, 1 Book To Go!

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